The 2018 Nissan Graduate Program offer opportunities across various areas in our business:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Engineering

Sales & Marketing

Sales careers are at the heart of Nissan’s business strategy. Our ongoing need for talented Sales professionals has never been greater as we enhance the quality of our dealer network around Australia. Sales careers at Nissan are focused on ensuring that all conditions in the field maximise sales growth and revenue generation.

This covers everything from generating new car sales volume to ensuring market share, managing business relationships and working closely with marketing to ensure our overall success.

Our Parts/Services roles at Nissan, also called After Sales functions, are critical to the planning and development of new products, parts and accessories. These are the careers that ensure satisfied Nissan customers for life—supporting distribution of parts and services to dealers Australia wide.

Marketing is more than just advertising – it also encompasses pricing cars correctly against competitors (ensuring they have the best equipment levels and customer offers) and of course, innovating communications every day.

Marketing careers at Nissan are bound to put your expertise into high gear with a relentless pace and measurable impact on the business.


Finance & Accounting careers at Nissan will see you responsible for in-house accounting & control; inventory control and service parts control; product costing and logistics; business planning, finance and accounting & process control; treasury and corporate governance; and tax and customs.

If you have a passion for numbers and an eye for strategy, we want you on our team. As one of our high-level Finance & Accounting professionals, you'll play a key role not only in Nissan's operations, but also as a major contributor to Nissan businesses across Australia and New Zealand.


Our engineering graduates are at the forefront of some of our most complex projects at Nissan. We employee multi-functional engineers who work closely with our operations teams to install, monitor and develop new and existing products and accessories, for Australian and overseas markets.

So we need our Nissan Engineering Graduates to be asking all the right questions and challenging the status quo. We need our graduates to be technically inquisitive and solution focused, as we head towards a bright, innovative automotive future.

As a Nissan Engineering Graduate, you will be working with like minded professionals, contributing to the overall business. If you’re considering a career in Engineering, then our Graduate Program is where it all begins. We understand that every graduate is on their own unique journey. That’s why our programs are designed to allow you to explore your strengths and abilities further and create an exciting future.