Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to obtain a Nissan Owner's ManualOpen or Close

    The Nissan Owner's Manual has valuable, model-specific details on the day-to-day use and care of your car, as well as general maintenance requirements. If you've lost or misplaced your manual contact your nearest Nissan Service Advisor during business hours. A replacement Owner's Manual will be organised at your cost.

  • When to have the oil changed in my vehicleOpen or Close

    Your Owner's Manual gives a full explanation of maintenance types, and how often services should be performed. Maintenance Schedules* gives you an idea of what kind of maintenance your vehicle requires, and when, based on your typical driving conditions.

    *Applicable to only those vehicles first registered after July 2001

  • Think your Nissan vehicle needs service?Open or Close

    Even if you’re not sure if your vehicle requires a service call your Nissan Service Advisor. A simple call could help you avoid bigger costs and inconveniences later.

  • How to obtain a duplicate vehicle keyOpen or Close

    Go to your nearest Nissan Dealership Service Department with proof of vehicle ownership and ID and ask that a duplicate key be made. A replacement key will be organised at your cost.

  • What should I do to repair my vehicle after a collision?Open or Close
    It’s important to insist that Nissan Genuine Parts are installed.
  • Can my Nissan vehicle run on fuel containing ethanol?Open or Close

    Nissan vehicles manufactured from 1 January 2004 are capable of operating on ethanol blends of up to E10 (10% ethanol), providing the following conditions are met:

    • The fuel (including ethanol-blend), meets the requirements of the Australian Fuel Quality Standards,
    • A credible history of servicing as per Nissan's recommended service schedule can be shown, and
    • Blending the petroleum and ethanol components have been done properly, for example at a fuel refinery (ie there is no "splash"-blending of the fuel).

    However it is important to remember that some Nissan vehicles require Premium Unleaded Petrol (PULP) 95 RON as the minimum recommended fuel. Most ethanol blended fuels in Australia blend 10% Ethanol with 91 RON unleaded petrol (ULP) and they do not meet all fuel standards for PULP (95 RON).

    Nissan vehicles manufactured before 1 January 2004 are capable of operating on ethanol-blended ULP, although Nissan does NOT recommend using ethanol-blended fuel in these vehicles.

  • Can my Nissan vehicle run on fuel containing biodiesel?Open or Close

    EN590, which the Australian Fuel Quality Standards (AFQS) are based, specifies that no more than 5% BIODIESEL be mixed to DIESEL fuel.

    Nissan specifies that only DIESEL be used in its diesel-engine vehicles.

  • Can my Nissan vehicle run on LPG?Open or Close

    Nissan does not manufacture, supply or source LPG equipment for its range of vehicles imported into Australia.

    LPG and petrol are quite different. Separate distinctions include combustion temperatures, consumption characteristics and exhaust emissions, just to name a few.

    Therefore, although capable of operating on LPG, Nissan does NOT recommend the use of LPG fuel in its petrol-engine vehicles.

    It should also be noted that Nissan does not warrant the installation of LPG systems to any of its vehicles nor is it responsible for any failure attributable to, or damage that results from, any such installation.